Sixers Draft Pick Tracker – March 17th, 2015

Updated: Tuesday, March 17, 2015 06:57 AM


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Sixers pick (currently 3rd):

  • Sixers lost (good): The good: the Sixers picked up a clutch loss. The bad: We had to watch that game. The loss keeps the Sixers a win behind Minnesota for the race for the second most ping pong balls.
  • Minnesota lost (bad): Minnesota continues their skid, having now lost 5 in a row. They played this last game without Ricky Rubio and Pekovic. They’re certainly not good enough to be losing key guys at this point.
  • Lakers lost (bad): The Lakers teased us all once again, as they kept the game close all night against the Warriors, only to lose by 3. Lakers still have only 2 more wins than the Sixers.
Days RestGamesFG%3pt%PPG


Lakers pick (top 5 protected, currently 4th)

  • Lakers lost (bad): The Lakers missed a(nother) chance to pick up a win on Orlando (4 more wins) and Sacramento (5 more wins). With only 16 games left for the Lakers, you’re really just hoping they don’t move up from 4 at this point.
  • Sacramento lost (good): Sacramento fell to Atlanta, and have now lost 3 in a row. They’re still 5 wins sup on the Lakers.
TeamMidrange jump shots


Heat pick (top 10 protected, currently 11th):

  • Heat won (good): The Heat pulled out a much needed win over Cleveland. It temporarily bumped the Heat into the 15th spot, but the teams behind them are playing really good basketball.
  • Charlotte lost (good) / Utah won (bad): Except maybe Charlotte. Boston and Utah passing Miami isn’t a problem if Charlotte and Brooklyn don’t. With Charlotte’s loss, it drops them to the 10th slot. Really have to hope they struggle down the stretch. Utah’s win puts them in a 4-place tie with Boston, Miami, and Indy for those last 2 playoff spots in the East. Utah has won 6 in a row. I put Utah down as bad just because I want a backup plan, but they’re passing Miami.
  • Boston won (bad): Boston beat the Sixers, which was to be expected. Boston has now won 5 in a row and is tied for a playoff spot (with Miami) in the East.
  • Indy lost (bad): Indy lost to Toronto, which was a bit of a surprise with how well the Pacers have been playing of late. The loss drops them back to that aforementioned tie.
  • Brooklyn won (bad):  Brooklyn won, beating Minnesota. Brooklyn is still 3 wins back of Miami.
StatBefore DeadlineAfter Deadline
Points per 100 possessions91.594.8
True Shooting %49.4%49.4%
3pt %31%34.7%
% of field goal attempts from 330%34.7%
Assists per turnover1.091.32
Turnovers per 100 possessions18.916.4
TeamDef Rebs% pushing ballDef Reb%


Oklahoma City Thunder pick (top 18 protected, currently 18th):

  • OKC lost (bad): OKC lost to Dallas, which decreases their lead over New Orleans to only a half-game.
  • Ibaka injury (really bad): Worse than the loss was the news that Ibaka will see a new specialist, with the expectation that he’ll have surgery, and miss some time.
  • Toronto won (bad): Toronto beat Indy. The Toronto win, along with the OKC loss, puts them 3 games up on OKC in the 21st spot.
  • Washington won (bad): Washington beat Portland, which puts the Wizards 2 games up on OKC.
RPM-2.7756thAll point guards
Win Shares-0.5149thGuards with more than 500 minutes played
Boxscore Plus-Minus-1.486thGuards with more than 500 minutes played
Value Over Replacement Player0.368thGuards with more than 500 minutes played
True Shooting Percentage44.5%24th out of 24All players with a usage rate > 26.8%


Tonight’s games:

  • Spurs @ Knicks: Go Knicks.
  • Bucks @ Pelicans: Either team winning pulls them closer to OKC, but it’s more likely that New Orleans is a problem than Milwaukee. Go Bucks.
  • Magic @ Rockets: Go Rockets.
  • Hornets @ Clippers: Go Clippers.

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