Sixers Mailbag: Can the Sixers sign a max free agent next summer?

Updated: Tuesday, July 4, 2017 10:57 AM


This mailbag column takes a look at what the Sixers' salary cap sheet could look like heading into the 2018 free agency period, and whether the team will have the flexibility to pursue max level free agents.

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  • Rob Gates

    How about the possibility of adding two max type players next offseason in a manner similar to what the Celtics tried to pull off with George via trade then Hayward via free agency? We’d be in a unique position to offer a team a consolation package for an imminently departing superstar built around Cov (solid player on long-term hopefully good deal), Bayless (expiring contract), picks and/or some young talent in TLC/Holmes/Korkmaz/Saric. Someone like Kyrie Irving perhaps. Then you still have the cap space to go after a max player. Is that feasible in your mind or no? Not specifically Irving, just throwing him out there as an example of the type of player who could end up in that type of situation.

    • Kevin Herman

      The Sixers should not trade Covington he is way more valuable then traditional stats would indicate. The Sixers already have what ammounts to three number one draft picks talentwise on the roster I don’t see the need to add more then one max deal type of player.

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