Morning Sixers – Friday, April 14th, 2017

Updated: Friday, April 14, 2017 08:09 AM

 “If you wound up with the 4 and the 6, would you trade both of them for Markelle Fultz, or stand pat and take, say, Dennis Smith and Malik Monk?”
— Casey

Oh, for me I’d pretty easily trade 4 and 6 for Markelle Fultz. With almost no hesitation.

Go back and look at the history of #1 overall picks. See how frequently they turn into a very, very good player. Now see how frequently 4-6 picks bust, and how infrequently they turn into true difference makers.

Would you trade Kristaps Porzingis and Willie Cauley-Stein for Karl-Anthony Towns? As good as Porzingis has been, and he’s on the high end for a 4th overall pick, of course you would.

Would you trade Dion Waiters and Dame Lillard for Anthony Davis? Again, Dame is among the outliers for the 6th overall pick, but I think just about everybody does.

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Derek Bodner

Derek Bodner covers the NBA draft for USA Today and He was previously the 76ers Insider for Philadelphia magazine. Contact Information: / @DerekBodnerNBA

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  • philllyfanatic

    I’d trade #4 and #6 for Fultz in a heartbeat. I’d gladly throw in Okafor and consider throwing in another future pick. Fultz has the ability to create his own shot. I believe he could play both guard positions. He’s got a pure jump shot and would be a nice three point threat. Ben Simmons, Fultz, The Process and The Homie are the foundation for a great team. Love Covington and Holmes, too.