Rumor: Timberwolves interested in Evan Turner

Updated: Friday, October 18, 2013 01:14 PM


According to a report from @MySportsLegion, the Minnesota Timberwolves are interested in adding another perimeter player and have interest in trading for Evan Turner.

No mention of whether or not the two sides have had conversations or whether the Sixers have any interest in what Minnesota has to offer.

Minnesota currently owes their 2014 first round draft pick (lottery protected) to Phoenix and do not have any additional first round picks coming in, so they do not have a first round draft pick that they are eligible to trade until 2016.  They do have two extra second round picks in the upcoming draft (from Golden State and New Orleans).

The Timberwolves are currently well over the salary cap, and do not have much in the way of expiring contracts, with only Dante Cunningham fitting that description.

They do have Derrick Williams and Ricky Rubio who have team options for next season, which Minnesota has until the end of the month to decide whether they want to pick up those options.  Obviously, Ricky Rubio is not being traded for Evan Turner, and I would assume they value Derrick Williams more than Turner.

The lack of a first round draft pick and expiring contracts makes me think there’s not much here, but we shall see.  Should the Wolves determine they will not pick up Derrick Williams’ 4th year on his contract and would be willing to include him, I could see Hinkie taking him in on a buy-low situation, but I think that’s unlikely.

The acquiring team would have bird rights on Turner for next season if they acquire him via trade, regardless of whether they acquire him now or at the deadline.


Derek Bodner

Derek Bodner is a credentialed reporter covering the Philadelphia 76ers independently for He is also a college basketball scout for, and an NBA contributor for The Ringer. Contact Information: / @DerekBodnerNBA

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  • ojr107

    I would take a 2016 protected first for Evan.

  • ojr107

    How reliable is NBA Legion? I’ve never heard of this outfit.

  • Anthony Bartolacci

    A 2016 protected first rounder isn’t doing it for me. I’m bullish on Turner increasing his trade value over the course of the season. He’s looked more aggressive so far in the preseason and I could see him averaging 15-18 ppg with slightly improved efficiency. Interestingly, he’s the rare trade chip that could go to either a rebuilding team or a team gearing up for a playoff run.

  • tk76

    A lot depends on whether the Sixers have any interest at all of re-signing Turner next summer. I see two worst case scenarios of either Turner going to another team on an RFA offer sheet with the Sixers receiving nothing in return, or the Sixers overpaying on an extension.

    If they already have decided ET is not coming back next year, then I guess it is better to trade him prior to October 31st, so that the team receiving him can give him an extension up front. If he does make it to the deadline on the Sixers- even assuming inflated numbers on a terrible team- what do you see as a realistic return on a guy entering RFA with a huge cap hold?

  • BourneGreen

    I would take D Will for ET straight up. He’s athletic, an Arizona guy, and the Nice Kicks “kicks on court champ” he would be a fan fav im sure. Anyway imo he is the better #2 so called “bust” he seems to have more upside than ET. Evan is who he is going to be. My reasoning isnt that deep but this is a trade id actually love to happen

  • Xsago

    Maybe it’s just me but i’d rather have Turner than Williams. Williams is far closer to a bust than Turner is IMO.

    P.S. Minnesota has always looked like the kind of team that might be interested in Turner. It doesn’t necessarily be a 2 team trade though…

    • Derek Bodner

      Curious why Williams would be more of a bust than Turner has, being that he’s younger, has produced more, and has done so more efficiently.

      • Xsago

        A few reasons:

        1. He’s looked absolutely lost on the defensive end each time i saw him. Turner has his issues on that end but he is still able to help in various areas.
        2. He’s too much of a tweener. He just doesn’t have the quickness to defend on the perimeter which is why he has to be viewed as a PF long term, but i don’t think he has enough size/strength to effectively defend PFs either.
        3. He’s an average rebounder at best.
        4. It’s not like he’s been efficient in his 2 years. And he’s playing a position where players are slightly more efficient on average. And the efficiency would’ve been even worse if he wasn’t benefiting a ton from Rubio’s superb passes. He’s supposed to be a stretch 4 who is not even stretching the floor all that well.

        It’s not that i think Turner has done well in his first three years, far from it, but Williams just hasn’t looked like a rotation player at all to me. Williams is younger than Turner that’s true, but i don’t see what he has produced. To me he’s not passing the statistical nor the eye test so far.

  • CM

    I’m open to trading Turner, especially considering the overlap in size/skill/weaknesses between he, MCW and Wroten.

    I feel like Thad and Williams are redundant, I’d have more interest in a SF like Budinger, Brewer or Muhammed in a deal with the T-Wolves.

    • Derek Bodner

      I would doubt you’re getting Budinger, and I’m not sure Hinkie wants either Budinger or Brewer’s contract (both with ~3 years, $5m per remaining).

      Thad and Williams are (somewhat) redundant, but I think Hinkie would be looking at it purely from a “buy low, see what happens” perspective.

      • CM

        The cap room is probably more valuable than the return in most speculative Turner trades…

        • ojr107

          Turner is a FA at seasons end, so trading him would not clear up any cap space.

          • Derek Bodner

            I think he was talking about *preserving* the cap room room of Turner’s expiring contract (i.e. not taking on Brewer, who has 2 more years after this).

            • ojr107

              Ah- Sorry CM if I mischaracterized your point.

              An interesting topic for discussion is when the Sixers should spend use their capspace to sign free agents to long term deals.

              If we get Wiggins, do we try and fill out the roster this summer?

              What if we get a pick from 2-4?

              It might make sense to see our young guys(Noel, MCW, our two 2014 draft picks) play a little more before going after major free agents, as to see what are needs are- and there doesn’t seem to be any real good young free agents this summer that we could get.

              But I agree, I would like to preserve cap space for possible trades and 2015 FA signings.

  • phillyhoops76

    Thanks Derek. I wouldnt accept Williams for Turner. Im hoping Turner can have a good start to the season and improve his trade value. Hopefully, we can convince a contender in need a bench player to cough up a late 1st rounder for him.

    • Derek Bodner

      I’m not exactly a Williams fan, and called him a future 6th man while everyone was rocketing him up draft boards. That being said, I do think he has more value than a late first rounder.

      • phillyhoops76

        In a typical year, Williams is worth more than a late 1st rounder. However, this year we may be able to use a late 1st to either trade up or maybe draft someone with high potential that has slipped down the board a little bit.

      • Xsago

        In a vacuum yes. But with the salary Williams will get over this and next year, he is technically overpaid, whereas late first round picks are a great spot to find role players on a cheap contract if you can draft well.