SixersBeat – October 2nd, 2013 edition

Updated: Wednesday, October 2, 2013 11:25 AM

Derek Bodner and Rich Hofmann return to discuss the hiring of the assistant coaches, Tony Wroten’s impressive training camp performance, what the team could get if they decided to trade Thaddeus Young, Evan Turner, and Spencer Hawes, as well as their impressions of the 76ers ownership group.


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Derek Bodner

Derek Bodner is a credentialed reporter covering the Philadelphia 76ers independently for He is also a college basketball scout for, and an NBA contributor for The Ringer. Contact Information: / @DerekBodnerNBA

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  • ojr107

    I haven’t had a chance to listen to the podcast yet, but I have A few training camp related questions.

    1. Is MCW the starter at point guard, any chance it goes to Wroten? From what I’ve heard from Brown and others, it sounds like Wroten has been impressive and MCW hasn’t looked the part.

    2. Did Evan Turner keep working with his shooting coach, Coach Magee this summer?

    3. Is the plan for Royce White to play SF, PF, or switch between the two?

    • Derek Bodner

      1) He’s definitely the starter initially. I think they plan on using Wroten more off the ball, which I think is a mistake. If it were me, I’d have him as the backup point guard rather than Morris.
      2) I do not believe he worked with Magee this past summer, but I’m not 100% sure.
      3) I think the plan is more PF. I do not think he can defend the 3. He’s been running with second team at PF so far in camp.

  • The Six

    Good listen and congrats on the new site. I’ll be a regular reader even if I don’t comment as much. A couple of thoughts:
    1) I love the Tony Wroten signing. Perfect for where this team is now. But man, 11.5% on catch-and-shoot? C’mon. That’s an absolute abomination. He’s a professional basketball player. How is that even possible?
    2) I heard your take on the Devils and Joshua Harris, and while you make valid points as to why it should not be a concern, I just don’t like it. And I don’t like how Scott O’Neil will be CEO of both the Sixers AND the Devils. This sixers job isn’t big enough by itself?? Yes he won’t be picking talent but he does have to get a dormant fan base to show a pulse. That’s a huge job. This is not a “we-just-won-an-NHL-championship, let’s-have-our-parade-at-the-Cherry Hill Mall” city. This fan base has been beaten down. Him splitting time doing both the Sixers and Devils seems half-assed to me.

    Best of luck with the site and I look forward to the season and draft of course.

    • Derek Bodner

      Thanks. Appreciate it.

      The O’Neil thing is the part that I do agree is a mistake. I understand not liking it from a fan perspective, and in my article the other day, I mentioned that. My main point is coming more from the impact of Harris owning both, which I think is minimal.

  • Xsago

    Who is a better player:
    MCW with an above average jump shot or Wroten with an above average jump shot?

    I was a huge fan of the Wroten acquisition, as i have more confidence in him developing into a good player than MCW, but in addition to it, i’m not even sure MCW has a higher ceiling than Wroten.

    • Derek Bodner

      Honestly, I think Wroten would be. I think he projects betters as a defender and in generating his own offense (albeit with less playmaking).

      I also think Wroten is further away and has less of a chance in developing an above average jump shot, though.

  • tk76

    Enjoyed the podcast. I have zero problems with Harris owning the Devils and have been behind the new direction of the Sixers. My mention of a possible move down the road was based on the notion that if this franchise was viewed as a distressed company, then you would expect them to follow a business model of:

    1. Initial period of evaluation under original management while assessing what assets are in place.
    2. Then bring in new management (tear down team) with the goal of maximizing shareholder value by existing selling off assets and make company as lean and efficient as possible.
    3. Either flip the company for a profit (sell or relocate) or redevelop around existing pieces of the the streamlined company that show promise.

    To be fair, I’m fairly confident that ownership sees the Sixers as different then their other core holdings. FWIW, Harris talks of having to work under “a public trust” and clearly they want to build a winner- and not solely because winning adds to franchise value.

    But I don’t think Harris is as connected to his team’s city than many owners to where he would never consider a move. I don’t think he is planning on moving the team (unlike what happened in Seattle.) I simply think that this franchise would be worth a ton more if it was in a different city (say Vegas) and from a business perspective a move could make sense. Even if they were in a smaller media market, they would have a better TV and stadium deal, probably big local incentives and not be in the position of being at the 4th team in town. A winning Sixers team can draw well and be profitable in Philly, it just would be easier in some other markets.

    I admit I had some similar concerns with the Eagles and Lurie initially, as a move to LA seemed to make sense at first. But Lurie ended up building a 1B franchise through development of a new stadium and tapping into the fact that pro football is the biggest draw in Philly (although the Phillies certainly have had a nice run.) So I was wrong about Lurie and probably have no reason to worry about Harris.

    Anyhow, it probably is not even worth discussing. Just something in the back of my mind… and it is hard to find much else about the current team to discuss- my appolgies to Tony Wroten, James Anderson and MCW.

    • Derek Bodner

      I understand the long term concern. As you said, I don’t think it’s in the plans, but I wouldn’t 100% rule it out as a possibility of happening within the next 20 years. I think a lot of things would have to break down and/or go bad for that to happen, though.

  • I think Philadelphia’s basketball roots are still there, I think you can tap into a rapid fanbase. It’s all about winning at the end of the day though, and the hope is that we get there in 2-4 years.

    I think Brett Brown sees the same things I see as it regards MCW. A guard who’s too slim despite his 6’6 stature, below-average NBA handles or awareness. I generally disliked him, but the draft class was so weak that I don’t know “who” I would’ve picked talent-wise. I wasn’t an Olynyk fan. I liked some of the wings though, KCP, Muhammad and Crabbe. I’m a firm believer in need. And while “PG” was a need, since we’re tanking, we didn’t need to go PG. I wanted to go wing or big(not that I liked bigs).

  • tk76

    I wonder if Hinkie would have still drafted MCW if he knew that Wroten was going to be on the team. Honestly, there were not any surefire options at #11 in terms of future starters. KCP and McCollum going off the board at 8 and 10 were the last sure fire future contributors. Muhammad and Schroeder have upside- but yo can say the same thing for MCP. So I’m not so much disappointed by the MCP pick as I was disappointed that someone else failed to slip.

    • Xsago

      I have two words for you: Sergey Karasev. I was really high on the kid from Russia and was a bit disappointed that the Sixers didn’t snatch him up as there were some reports that they might be interested in him. he fell to #19 and the Cavs (funny as i actually had Karasev ahead of Bennett on my board).

      He won’t be a star, but i definitely see him as a starter level player in the future at worst. I can easily see him having a career similar to Turkoglu or Stojakovic.

      Noel + Karasev would’ve been a fantastic outcome from the draft, especially considering how this roster looks like. Karasev would’ve immediately been by far the best shooter on the team and would’ve had plenty of time to properly develop into a really good player, between Turner and Wroten.

  • ojr107

    I thought I’d share this article by Zach Lowe, he has a really good and nuanced read on Evan Turner for a national reporter.

  • CM


    How has Royce White looked in practice?

    There seems to have been a change in plans regarding the European trip and his participation…

  • CM

    Shams Charania ‏@ShamsCharania 3h
    Gani Lawal has signed a multi-year deal with the Philadelphia 76ers, with partial salary guarantees, league sources tell RealGM.

    • ojr107

      So many roster moves, its getting hard to keep track of them all. I do like that the front office is going after as many low risk-high reward guys as they can find. I wonder if this team is going to set a record for number of un-drafted free agents on the roster.

      • ojr107

        ah, I guess he was drafted. let me re phrase, set a record for number of guys on the roster that were not in the NBA the previous season.

  • ojr107

    scary quote of the day

    Veterans Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen have been a big help to Wyatt, advising him what to expect and letting him know how he’s doing.

  • tk76

    I don’t know if anyone else watched today’s game. They definitely hustled and showed good aggression and athleticism on defense. They were undersized and struggled to secure D-Boards and close down the lane (Noel will help.)

    MCW seems to be having an ET start to his career, in that he was not up to the level of the competition and was kept off the floor during the 4th qtr (unless there was an injury that I missed.) ET actually played well- maybe he finally found a league where he can actually draw fouls.

    All in all, I think they played well given they were going against a top Euro team and they are at the bottom of the NBA (much closer to a good NBDL team than a good NBA team.) If they bring that type of defensive effort consistently and can rebound the ball they probably will surprise some NBA teams on off nights.

    • tk76

      Hah, i just brushed up on my Euroleague, and I guess Bilboa is second level (although near the top of the second level.) I knew that Real Madrid and FC Barcelona were the top teams in Spain, but not not realize the size of the gulf. Real Madrid played Bilboa last wee and won by 39 points.

      So by the infallible transitive property of basketball, the Sixers would lose to Real Madrid by about 35 points… which probably is not that far from the truth (I’d guess more like 15-20 points once the Sxiers were in regula season form, but 30 ponts right now could happen.)

      • Xsago

        I watched the game. I thought they displayed great energy and i was very happy with the shot selection. According to what i saw, i wouldn’t be surprised if the Sixers played a lot like the Nuggets did last year, except they’d be much worse in the half court.

        Regarding MCW, i had no issue with his benching in the 4th quarter because Wroten got his minutes. I don’t think MCW should be given preferential treatment over Wroten to be honest. They have similar ceilings and Wroten is younger, despite being a year more experienced.

        ET played well, but i wouldn’t buy too much into that. I expected him to dominate this kind of competition, although the amount of times he got to the line is encouraging. Maybe Hinkie is trying to find his inner Harden 🙂

        All i can tell so far is that the Sixers will probably lead the league in steals, turnovers and missed three pointers…

        P.S. Bilbao is not a top Euro team, but they are nowhere near 35 points worse than Real Madrid. That was probably an aberration. Bilbao would be something like 20th-25th best team in Europe. Fenerbahce, the team that played against OKC is among Euro’s best.

        • tk76

          So that team would probably have handled the Sixers easily. OKC controlled the boards against them. I wonder what rebound nmber sto expect from the next game.